Indestructible HDPE workboats

Rocky shores, shallow waters, arctic conditions: our indestructible HDPE workboats are what you need when working in a rough environment. From high speed intercepting to dive support and patrolling. From dredging support to crew tendering. Anchor handling and survey tasks.

That’s a Tideman!

One concept, three sizes. And you choose the options to fit your requirements. Like propulsion, fenders, seats and T-top. Smart, safe and strong. That’s a Tideman!

RBB 700 OB open, with OXE diesel outboard 200hp

RBB 700 OB open

• LOA 8.00m
• Seats: 2-6 pax
• Propulsion: Diesel Outboard
• Options: Fenders
• Application: Military, Fishing
RBB 800 2WJ crew tender

RBB 800 WJ crew tender

• LOA 8.00m
• Seats: 8 pax
• Propulsion: Twin Yanmar Diesel Water Jet
• Options: fenders, T-top, A-frame, Ullman seats
• Application: Patrolling
RBB 800 WJ open with T-top and Yanmar diesel 315hp and waterjet

RBB 800 WJ open

• LOA 8.00m
• Seats: 8-10 pax
• Propulsion: Yanmar diesel 315hp and waterjet
• Options: fenders, T-top, bimini
• Application: Support boat