Tideman Boats manufactures indestructible high-speed HDPE watercrafts: Workboats for professionals

Why Choose A HDPE Workboat?


HDPE’s natural toughness and durability make HDPE capable of withstanding impact from collisions with debris, rocks, or other vessels, reducing the risk of damage and costly repairs.


HDPE is recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice for workboat hulls, with the potential for material reuse. Its low carbon footprint makes it the most sustainable choice in boat hulls.


HDPE has a lighter density than water, making it naturally float on water. This helps the buoyancy of our vessels, increasing the max payload.

Cost Effective

HDPE’s durability and low maintenance requirements can result in a reduction of operational costs over the lifespan of the workboat. Less time in the shipyard also means more time on the water.


Unlike metals, HDPE is inert and a good isolator,  therefore it doesn’t corrode, rust, or degrade when exposed to saltwater, so no galvanic corrosion! 

Long Lifespan

HDPE hulls undergo no ageing and can endure prolonged exposure to UV rays without significant degradation, ensuring a longer service life for workboats.

Workboats Available For Immediate Delivery

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The Toughest Workboat For Professionals

Workmen need workboats. These boats have to be safe and indestructible. They have to be 100% reliable in all sorts of rough conditions, arctic or tropical. Whether you’re manoeuvring in shallow waters or turbulent seas.
Whether you’re piloting, diving, patrolling or surveying.
You need to do your job. As good as possible.
That’s why we designed the Tideman Rigid Buoyant Boat, better known as the RBB. 

Build Your Own Workboat

Our configurator helps you build your ideal workboat catered to your specific use case and budget. 
Choose your desired length, propulsion, options and accesoires and get an instant quote. 

Need extra advice? We’re happy to discuss your needs over a call or a visit to our workshop in Hoorn, the Netherlands.

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