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Our unsinkable boats are set to revolutionise the day-to-day operations of maritime professions everywhere. The Tideman RBB (Rigid Buoyancy Boat) is a seriously tough workboat requiring zero maintenance. If only the Titanic was a Tideman. read more about our indestructible workboats >>


After a period of three years building sustainable and fast moving work boats out of HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene), we now present a new high-speed professional crew tender.

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No one is more enthusiastic about HDPE than mister Bruno Tideman himself. The Solution he calls it. To a major problem in the boat industry. HDPE is indestructible. It cannot sink. Rocks have no impact on it. No maintenance.

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With twin Yanmar 4LHA-HTP diesel engines (160 hp each) and two Alamarin 245 water jets, the Tideman Crew Tender is reaching a cruise speed of 30 knots @ 4,5 tons displacement and a 100 nautical mile range.


New item in the range of possible delivery options is the special ‘line handling vessel’ for boatmen. This version is composed by making use of the knowledge of experienced boatsmen. These fast moving boats makes the work in the harbor a lot easier.

At Tideman Boats, we specialize in producing durable, sustainable high-speed workboats made from the indestructible plastic HDPE. The exceptional impact resistance of the Tideman range makes these craft ideal for shallow water, rocky coasts or rivers.

Our HDPE boats can be customised with a flexible layout and are designed with safety in mind. Stable in operation at high speed, there are also built-in failsafe devices for extra crew and passenger protection.

This type of vessel offers advantages over RIBs (rigid hull inflatables), with no vulnerable air-filled tubes and around 50 per cent more free deck space. Additionally, the structure is positively buoyant, making these hulls virtually unsinkable.


If you rely on rigid, indestructible boats for applications including dredging, diving or offshore work, a Tideman small workboat is ideal. These compact and highly functional small work boats for sale are popular with military, security and survey users.

Here, their versatility and strength comes into its own in adverse situations and rough sea conditions. These characteristics also make them particularly suitable for marine rescue services, combining high power with ample freeboard, especially in the case of larger models.

Other applications include and fish farm usage where they are stable, easy to maintain and offer good manoeuvrability.


Some features & advantages of Tideman work boats for sale:

  • Superb buoyancy. HDPE has a density ranging from 0.93 to 0.97kg/cm3, lighter than fresh water and much lighter than seawater.
  • Zero corrosion, zero maintenance. Oxygen, salt and water have no damaging effect on HDPE. Paint is obsolete and there is no time-consuming need to rinse after use.
  • Marine growth does not stick to HDPE hulls, so the underside remains clean and the boat keeps its speed – without toxic anti-fouling paints.
  • Resistant to fuel spillages, chemicals and UV exposure. Black HDPE contains carbon, preventing the boat from becoming brittle with harsh sun exposure – even in tropical conditions.
  • HDPE is viscous and elastic, preventing cracks and ideal for working inshore and in shallow waters.
  • Environmentally friendly production – five times lower carbon dioxide emissions produced by manufacturing HDPE than with aluminium.
  • Impressive durability – the boats last for decades.

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If you would like further information or have a specific enquiry about Tideman work boats for sale, we will be pleased to help. please send an e-mail to info@tidemanboats.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our unsinkable boats are set to revolutionise the day-to-day operations of maritime professions everywhere. The Tideman RBB (Rigid Buoyancy Boat) is a seriously tough workboat requiring zero maintenance. If only the Titanic was a Tideman.

Boat building is nothing new to us, it’s in our blood, has been since the 1800s. But what has changed astronomically is how our boats are made, or rather, what our boats are made from. Forget wood and metals, they rot, rust, break and sink, our boats are made from an awesome indestructible plastic called HDPE.

So, what that means is a Tideman HDPE work boat is going to last a very long time: a lifetime. And It will also spend its whole life on the water, not be hauled up for repainting and repairs every few months because HDPE can’t corrode. Now, we’re not trying to be smart and show off, but here’s what makes our boats so amazing, from an intelligent point of view:

They’re indestructible: no damage in shallow rocky coasts and rivers; they’re extremely impact resistant – HDPE is so flexible they bounce off rocks like rubber.

They’re super buoyancy makes them unsinkable. How? Because HDPE is lighter than water.

They’ve got a major advantage over RIB boats: no vulnerable tubes and 50% more deck space.

If all that wasn’t enough, Tideman boats have a flexible layout, are fool-proof to operate, and are safe when operating at high-speeds.


Anyone needing a robust, rigid boat which can handle rough conditions will benefit from using a Tideman. Our single or twin-engined boats come in a choice of three sizes and can accommodate up to ten people. They’re indisructability should appeal to most industries, especially the Military.

Dredging companies, divers, offshore workers, marine surveyors, fish farms, security and rescue services will all appreciate the durability and reliability of Tideman boats.

If you need full use of the generous deck space to transport goods you can opt for a minimal layout. Or if you want a row of benches with waterproof storage underneath, that’s no problem. Our boats are completely versatile and can be styled to suit your business needs.


We understand that it’s a lot to take in, and you’re probably going to want to see for yourself just how good our work boats really are. It would be our pleasure to have you here, and what a great excuse for a trip to Amsterdam!

We’re confident you’ll like our boats so much that you’ll want to take one home with you. You already know they’re light, but you’ll also be glad to know they are easy to transport, they fit neatly into a standard-sized van.

Whether you want to meet us in person, have a friendly chat over the phone or ask a question via email, we’d love to hear from you.

For more inquiries, please send an e-mail to info@tidemanboats.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Made from indestructible plastic, the Tideman Workboat is an HDPE vessel that is extremely robust and reliable. These holland workboats are practically indestructible and tick all of the boxes when it comes to being environmentally friendly. With little maintenance and high resistance to impact damage, holland workboats offer the perfect solution for many jobs that call for reliability, stability and speed.

The old type GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) hull could be damaged easily along with the RIB rubber tubes. With vessels like netherlands workboats that are constructed with HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene Plastic), this is not the case. These boats are made to be long-lasting and robust. Because they are lighter than water, they are impossible to sink.


These vessels are perfect for:

  • Dredging
  • Diving
  • Offshore oil workers
  • Army, Navy and Airforce activities
  • Surveying for fossil fuels
  • Fish farming
  • High-speed rescue
  • Work in the toughest conditions
  • Marine Biology


These vessels are lighter than water and because of this, they are very buoyant.

  • Because of the material, there is no risk of corrosion due to adverse effects of water. This ultimately means that maintenance is minimal, and there is no need for painting or rinsing
  • It is not necessary with a Tidman Workboat to clean marine growth from the hull. We have manufactured an HDPE boat that will never be fouled. Because of this, the boat will maintain its speed, and will always have a smooth, clean bottom.
  • For anyone that is working with corrosive fuels or chemicals, there is zero risk that the boat will be damaged.
  • The Tideman Workboat will not be damaged in a collision with another vessel or even by sharp object or rocks.
  • The boat is available in UV resistant black. This ensures that the hull will never become brittle if it is working in tropical or sunny conditions.
  • We have constructed the Tidman Workboat to be very flexible by using plate welding. The boat can be personalised to your exact needs by adding storage spaces and benches.
  • With our vessels, repair work is easy but probably will never be called for. Work on our boats can be carried out by any plastic production firm or by the owner if he enjoys DIY.
  • All Tideman Workboats have low carbon footprints and are environmentally friendly.
  • Our workboats are completely safe when operating at high speeds. This enables operators to get a job done, quickly, efficiently and above all safely.
  • They are perfect to use close to shore where the water is shallow
  • The Tideman Workboat is also easy to operate

More information

Our holland workboats are fast, indestructible and environmentally friendly. To find out more about dutch/netherland workboats contact us at our site right now.

A Tideman Workboat is a revolution in the marine industry. We invite customers to specify their exact requirements and we will deliver on that design to give you the ultimate in flexibility. In addition, all our boats are constructed from indestructible High Density Polythene (HDPE).

This is an incredibly versatile material that is used for a number of engineering purposes and has the perfect combination of properties to make boats. In fact, our high density polyethylene boats are ideal no matter what your work purpose or environment.


We supply polyethylene boats to the marine engineering industry and the oil & gas industry. Our boats are used by dredging and salvaging specialists, harbour pilots and boatmen.

If your business involves security, military or surveillance, if it involves diving or marine rescue or if you work on a fish farm, undertake marine or harbour surveys or engage in any other business that requires marine transport then polyethylene boats are an essential tool.


There are a number of physical properties pertaining to HDPE that make it ideal for boat building. It has a high strength to density ration making it lightweight yet strong. Its density is such that it’s lighter than water which of course makes it extremely buoyant. Unlike an aluminium boat a polyethylene boat will not react with salt water and so no maintenance is required.

Not only does this save on time and running costs but it’s better for the environment. Furthermore, the surface of HDPE prevents marine growth from taking hold. Again, no maintenance cost, no cleaning chemicals and no fuel sapping drag on the hull.

Sharp rocks and shallow water don’t pose any threat to HDPE since its impact resistance properties are quite remarkable. Combine this with its excellent UV resistance characteristics and a Tideman Workboat becomes a sound investment sure to last several decades.


For many years the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) has been a popular choice for fast, agile marine transport but this has many disadvantages which can all be addressed and surpassed by polyethylene boats. First, the tubes at the gunwale can easily puncture against sharp rocks.

Not only would this cause operational problems but the damage would incur repair costs and time out of service. The same can be said for the general construction of RIBs. Glass Reinforced Plastic and aluminium is no match for UV, chemical and impact resistant HDPE.

One of the most significant advantages though, is the usable space available with a Tideman Workboat. By avoiding the need for huge inflatable tubes our boats can deliver 50% more deck space.

Not all Polyethylene boats manufacturers are the same! Tideman Boats invite you to call for more information on how you can design and specify a boat to suit your needs


Based in the Netherlands, Tideman Boats are one of the leading HDPE workboat manufacturers in Europe. They specialize in producing only one model of boat which is made out of strong and durable HDPE plastic. The workboat is available in three different lengths, plus you can choose a propulsion package, as well as optional extras to customize the boat to your needs.

Tideman Boats are a popular choice for those working in sectors that require strong and rigid boats which are built to last. Tideman workboats are most commonly used in dredging, diving, offshore, military, surveying, security, marine, fish farm, rescue and the service sectors.

So why is HDPE a good material for boats? Read on to find out several of the main benefits of owning a Tideman HDPE workboat.


HDPE is not affected by salt, oxygen and water. This means that you do not have to rinse the boat after use, so less time needs to be spent on maintenance.


Indestructible HPDE is resistance to bumps and scratches, which means it is both tough and flexible – plus it wont be punctured by rocks and other sharp objects.


HDPE has a carbon footprint that is five times lower than that of aluminum. HDPE can also be completely remelted and recycled into a new blend. By choosing Tideman HDPE work boats you will be doing your bit for the environment.


Because of the HDPE structure, Tideman Boats can be easily customized to suit your specifications. Things like extra storage compartments or additional seating areas can all be easily welded into your custom boat. Use the special form on the website, or call one of our specialists to discuss your work boat needs.


Another perk is that the HDPE hull is smooth, and it is completely resistant to marine growth. Gone are the days when you have to scrub away for hours to remove that nasty green sludge, HDPE will stay clean and marine-free all year round.


Tideman Boats are made from black HDPE which is mixed with carbon because so that it is resistant to UV light. While other boat hulls can fade and become brittle due to sun exposure, our boats will remain black and sturdy.

If you want more information on why is HDPE a good material for boats, then head to this section of the Tideman website. Does a Tideman boat sound perfect for your needs? Fill out our configurator, and we will get back to you with a quote.

You can also email us, or give us a call if you want to speak to one of our friendly team directly. From its long-shelf life to its eco-friendly design, a HDPE Tideman workboat is sure to impress.

Our new RBB 800 2WJ Crew Tender is introduced with a Bureau Vertitas approval on the hull construction (X hull small high speed craft). This indestructible work tender, provided with twin Yanmar 4LHA-HTP diesel engines (160 hp each) and two Alamarin 245 water jets, is reaching a cruise speed of 30 knots @ 4,5 tons displacement and a 100 nautical mile range.
The Tideman RBB range has a lot of options. Such as for instance: 6, 7 or 8 meter hull length, different propulsion options like outboards or inboard diesel engines with water jet or stern drive. A closed wheelhouse or open deck plan are possible choices to. The modular system makes the vessel fit for purpose for professional users.

This first release of the new 8,5 meter Crew Tender is equipped with Ullman compact suspension seats for 2 crew members and 6 passengers. The 6 passengers seats can be removed to create a 4m2 cargo area with lasing eyes. Standard are 4 lifting lugs, T-top with Bimini and an A-frame. The PU foam fenders are detachable. The aluminum console and engine room hatch can be powder coated in any color. The vessel can be moved on a trailer and stored inside a 40’ HC in combination with a workshop in the same container. This turnkey solution provides safe storage and an ease way of transport and operational use.

These Dutch HDPE work boats are not only unique in performance, but also in specifications. HDPE stands for: Extremely impact resistant, lightweight, low carbon footprint, 100% recyclable, sustainable, UV resistant, easy to repair, no corrosion or fouling, inert to salt, chemicals and fuel and even arctic and tropic proof. The combination of material and RBB benefits such as: No vulnerable air tubes 50% more deck space and closed buoyancy compartments filled with PE balls makes it to a unsinkable and solid vessel for professional use.

A Tideman Workboat is made from plastic that is indestructible. This High-Density Polyethylene (hdpe boats) cannot sink and if it is involved in a collision with other boats or rocks, will not suffer any damage. The terrific feature about a Tideman Workboat is that it does not require any maintenance and using it has a minimum effect on the environment.

The advantages of using an indestructible boat are enormous and this linked to such a small carbon footprint means that it is perfect for many types of jobs at sea.


The use of indestructible boats is particularly useful for activities that need a rigid platform to work off, in all types of weather. This would particularly suit:

  • Dredging work
  • Offshore diving for work and pleasure
  • Military usage
  • Surveillance work
  • Security work that requires small, fast boats that can operate in a variety of conditions
  • Fish farming
  • The rescue services
  • Miscellaneous work in severe weather conditions


This type of hdpe boat has a variety of unique feature which includes:

  • Indestructibility
  • The ability to operate in shallow water
  • 100 per cent impact resistant
  • Is very buoyant because it is lighter than water
  • The absence of tubes means that there is more deck space
  • Can be operated safely at high speeds
  • Has a very flexible layout and is very easy to use

Other features that are worth noting about the Tideman Workboat is that marine growth will not adhere to the hull, and it is resistant to ‘aggressive liquids.”


A Tideman Workboat is available in black HDPE and is UV resistant. Mixed with carbon, the black HDPE does not become brittle which is important if the boat is working in hot, sunny conditions. The structure of these boats is built using plate welding which gives increased flexibility, to create the perfect shape of vessel that is unique to your needs. This will include installing additional items such as storage compartments and seating.

Even though these boats will very rarely need any kind of repair work, the work can be carried out simply by any reputable plastic manufacturer. If there isn’t one available, then it is also possible to fix it by yourself.

More information

For more information on the Tideman Workboat contact our team of professionals for an informal, friendly chat.

Introducing the toughest workboat on the high seas with a radical new range of HDPE boats from Tideman: innovative boat-craft is part of the family


Tideman was the name for the man responsible for modernising shipbuilding in the Netherlands back in the mid-1850s—Dr Bruno Joannes Tideman to be precise. What better name could there be?

And if you don’t think lightning strikes in the same place twice (or in the same family), think again: the tide is turning once more in the world of boat-craft and another Bruno Tideman is at the helm—same name, same family, different century. Bruno is back, and so is the pioneering spirit of his illustrious ancestor, with an exceptionally tough workboat range that ticks all the right boxes.


It’s difficult to argue that the most important function of any aeroplane is to remain airborne and any water vessel to float; it is on this basis, therefore, that the Tideman workboat range is uniquely qualified to perform better under rigorous conditions than their counterparts, simply because they are constructed from a near indestructible, yet buoyant material—HDPE (High-density polyethylene).

Introducing HDPE into workboat engineering design is quite a radical step, but when we look closer at the concept the advantages are obvious to anyone looking for a light, manoeuvrable, yet virtually indestructible craft.

This fact coupled with a choice of model size (6, 7 or 8 metres) and propulsion (outboard, inboard, diesel, sterndrive or waterjet, single or twin) and other features, means PEpolyethylene boats are suited to a huge variety of maritime applications from crew tendering, diver support and surveying to patrolling, rescue, high-speed interception and military use.


RBB Tideman pe boats have some considerable advantages over RIBs, not least of which is the deck space which is up to 50% greater, because they aren’t taken up by inflatable tubes; the compartmentalised hulls are filled with PE balls for flotation instead. And because there are no inflatable tubes it is far less vulnerable.

A PE boat can be taken into shallow, rocky waters with full confidence due to its impact resistant properties—it will bounce off most obstacles and actually spring back to shape even with the roughest treatment.


  • Zero corrosion—which means no maintenance
  • No marine growth—the hull stays clean and hydrodynamic
  • Impervious to extreme climates—from the Artic to the tropics
  • Carbon footprint is small—5 times lower than manufacturing with aluminium, for example
  • 100% recyclable—doesn’t get more environmentally friendly than that
  • Easy to repair—we aren’t saying that this will happen often but if it does, it is usually a very simple and cheap process

Plastics in boat building have been applied for many years together with rubber tubes. Most vessels made from these materials have proved vulnerable to harsh conditions, making the boats not suitable for harsh environments. To offer a solution to this, hdpe work boats have been developed.

High Density PolyEthylene (HDPE) boats are impregnable and indestructible, a characteristic that makes them ideal for tough environments. hdpe work boats are ideal for daily use due to various operational advantages as highlighted below.


A hdpe work boat is made from a multi-talented material. The mass density of HDPE material lies between 0.93 and 0.97 g/cm3. This is a low density value, making the boat lighter than water. With this fact in mind, the boats have a higher load capacity and will maintain stability while cruising.


Oxygen and moisture affect aluminium and GRP leading to corrosion, but not HDPE. A pe boat is not affected by either, something that makes HDPE a perfect material for making boats. It is not subject to effect from ravages of time, so zero maintenance is put to the boat.


While other materials may get affected by marine growth, HDPE requires no anti-fouling. Its bottom is clean and smooth, which keeps its speed and no toxic pollution is introduced to the environment.


HDPE offers an indestructible boat going by the fact that it is not corroded by aggressive liquids or chemicals. Using aggressive fuels with the boat is possible without need for maintenance regularly.


Sharp rocks can make it challenging for one to use a boat seamlessly. With HDPE, this is not something to worry about since the material offers high tensile strength. Bumping into sharp rocks will not distort the shape of the boat or tear some of its parts. Its viscous and elastic properties shield HDPE from deformation and cracking. It is not only tough, but also flexible.


Being unsusceptible to shocks makes HDPE a reliable material for rocky shores. Being soft and tough, the material absorbs any shock generated while at the same time ensuring the boat does not tear or get damaged. It returns to its original shape after impact automatically dissolving any dents.


Although situations that call for repair rarely occur with HDPE boats, there are many available materials to effect the repair work. Most companies that deal with plastics locally can repair the boat and this will not cost a lot. One can also use DIY methods with a welding kit.


Aluminium boats have a limited lifespan and are not easy to recycle. Deterioration of metal parts will make aluminium a scrap that cannot be revived for further use. HDPE, however, can be melted and recycled to make new PE blend. Before you can even think about recycling or disposing of the boat, it will have served many years and probably will still be stable enough to do more.

If you would like further information or have a specific enquiry about Tideman HDPE work boats, we will be pleased to help. Plese send an e-mail to info@tidemanboats.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.