What is a Tideman Workboat, you may be asking. Simply put, a Tideman Workboat is a type of HDPE boat (high-density polyethylene) that offers safe high speeds and extremely durable use out in rough environments, from Arctic seas to shallow shorelines.

Manufactured by Tideman Boats, a historic boat-maker in the Netherlands, customers looking for spacious, long-lasting solutions will find them here with our customisable models, which come in three sizes and offer various added features. The material these boats are made from – HDPE – has many beneficial properties that are ideal for boat construction and sailing.

As the brand name suggests (“Workboat”), these sturdy vessels are suitable for companies working in a wide range of industries such as fishing, dredging and patrolling.


Our easy-to-operate HDPE boats are targeted towards anyone looking to sail in rough conditions that would normally take their toll on regular speed boats. For instance, if your company operations involve working regularly in shallow waters, where rocks and sharp outcrops lie close to the surface, then a HDPE vessel is the ideal solution, thanks to an impressively robust hull.

Fishing and dredging workers regularly encounter these kind of environments on rivers and shorelines all over the world, so why not use a Tideman Workboat to support your operations? The speed of a boat such as this one also makes it ideal for intercepting other boats while out at sea, which is a regular occurrence for patrols in the military and security industries.

Also, those concerned about their carbon footprint will be pleased to know that HDPE is a material five times more environmentally friendly than aluminium!


A HDPE vessel is an innovative solution to the wear and tear often seen on GRP boats (glass reinforced plastic) and RIBs (rigid-hulled inflatable boats). Significantly, HDPE manufacturers don’t have to worry about incorporating vulnerable rubber tubes into their designs, which can become damaged in tough conditions – especially when passing over shallow waters.

Instead, why not rely on the RBB (rigid buoyancy boat) concept seen with the Tideman Workboat. One of its unique features is its indestructible HDPE body, which removes the need for bulky inflatable tubes – creating 50% more space on deck – while remaining exceptionally buoyant.