NO TUBES. That’s the winning point. No tubes, so no vulnerable inflated rubber elements. And 50% MORE DECKSPACE. And then of course the use of HDPE: indestructible. RBB is the absolute winner. Especially in rocky or shallow waters.

HDPE boats: strong alternative to RIBs

When talking about hull material in boatbuilding, GRP and aluminium RIB’s with rubber tubes immediately sping to mind. Vessels made of quite vulnerable materials. They are far from ideal when working in tough environments like rocky shores, shallow waters or arctic conditions.

This is exactly why we created our RBB: Rigid Buoyancy Boat. A RIB-shaped hull made from HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene). A material that’s light, durable, inert and indestructable.

RBB’s are excellent when you need a high speed boat with good seakeeping capabillities.

The RIB has its qualities, of course. Like the shape of the hull. It has been a winner for a very long time. But two things that make the boat ready for improvement: the giant but very vulnerable air tubes, and the materials being used (GRP and aluminium). Get rid of the tubes and use HDPE. MORE INDESTRUCTIBLE IS NOT POSSIBLE.

RBB has 50% more deckspace

No tubes needed in our RBB. So no massive, inflated, space taking roundings. We use removable PU foam fenders for boarding and docking to protect your boat and the others. Using these compact fenders results in 50% more deck space than a conventional RIB. (Yes, that’s correct: FIFTY PERCENT!!)

Impact resistance

Again: NO TUBES. The RBB has no tubes that are very vulnerable. The HDPE hull easily absorbs any shocks. Perfect for rough environments like harbors or shallow waters. Bumping into an unexpected floating objects, like a container? We smile and cruise on.

Very agile, high speed

The shape of the deep V-hull combined with the propulsion make the RBB very easily maneuverable. High speed: upto 50knots.

Excellent seakeeping

Safety is key. The RBB hull provides a safe working platform, even in high seas or during bumpy rides.

Container fit and trailerable

On the water the RBB is a high speed and very maneuvrable. But don’t underestimate what the RBB can do on land: the RBB is:

Very easy to transport

The moulded beam is 2.30m – so container fit. And the maximum weight is below 2.8ton – so trailerable. Off you go!

Ask Bruno for more reasons to choose RBB. He lives HDPE, he dreams about boats, he’s wild enthusiastic about the indestructibleness of his RBB’s, and yes, he’s happy that he manufactures a product that LOWERS THE CARBON FOOTPRINT (5 times less then aluminium!).

Comments and questions are very welcome in the section below. Or call Tideman Boats. It would be on honor to us.

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