A Tideman Workboat is a revolution in the marine industry. We invite customers to specify their exact requirements and we will deliver on that design to give you the ultimate in flexibility. In addition, all our boats are constructed from indestructible High Density Polythene (HDPE).

This is an incredibly versatile material that is used for a number of engineering purposes and has the perfect combination of properties to make boats. In fact, our high density polyethylene boats are ideal no matter what your work purpose or environment.


We supply polyethylene boats to the marine engineering industry and the oil & gas industry. Our boats are used by dredging and salvaging specialists, harbour pilots and boatmen.

If your business involves security, military or surveillance, if it involves diving or marine rescue or if you work on a fish farm, undertake marine or harbour surveys or engage in any other business that requires marine transport then polyethylene boats are an essential tool.


There are a number of physical properties pertaining to HDPE that make it ideal for boat building. It has a high strength to density ration making it lightweight yet strong. Its density is such that it’s lighter than water which of course makes it extremely buoyant. Unlike an aluminium boat a polyethylene boat will not react with salt water and so no maintenance is required.

Not only does this save on time and running costs but it’s better for the environment. Furthermore, the surface of HDPE prevents marine growth from taking hold. Again, no maintenance cost, no cleaning chemicals and no fuel sapping drag on the hull.

Sharp rocks and shallow water don’t pose any threat to HDPE since its impact resistance properties are quite remarkable. Combine this with its excellent UV resistance characteristics and a Tideman Workboat becomes a sound investment sure to last several decades.


For many years the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) has been a popular choice for fast, agile marine transport but this has many disadvantages which can all be addressed and surpassed by polyethylene boats. First, the tubes at the gunwale can easily puncture against sharp rocks.

Not only would this cause operational problems but the damage would incur repair costs and time out of service. The same can be said for the general construction of RIBs. Glass Reinforced Plastic and aluminium is no match for UV, chemical and impact resistant HDPE.

One of the most significant advantages though, is the usable space available with a Tideman Workboat. By avoiding the need for huge inflatable tubes our boats can deliver 50% more deck space.

Not all Polyethylene boats manufacturers are the same! Tideman Boats invite you to call for more information on how you can design and specify a boat to suit your needs