The toughest workboat for professionals

Workmen need workboats. These boats have to be safe and indestructible. They have to be 100% reliable in all sorts of rough conditions, arctic or tropical. Whether you’re manoeuvring in shallow waters or turbulent seas. Whether you’re piloting, diving, patrolling or surveying. You need to do your job. As good as possible. That’s why we designed the Tideman RBB.

Tideman helps you work!

This indestructible HDPE boat comes in three sizes. Choose what fits your needs: open centre console layout or cabin and diesel outboard or inboard water jet propulsion; configure your Tideman below!

RBB 900 2WJ

Our top workboats

RBB 700 2OB

  • LOA 7.10m
  • Seats: 2-6 pax
  • Propulsion: Outboard
  • Options: T-top
  • Application: Military, Patrolling

RBB 900 2WJ CREW Tender

  • LOA 8.70m
  • Seats: 8 pax
  • Propulsion: Twin Yanmar Diesel Water Jet
  • Options: T-top, A-frame, Suspension seats
  • Application: Crew tender

RBB 900 WJ Cabin

  • LOA 8.70m
  • Seats: 8-10 pax
  • Propulsion: waterjet
  • Options: A-frame
  • Application: Pilot boat


Our clients

Client opinion

‘We are very pleased here at Brabo with our new fast crew tenders from Tideman Boats! This will significantly increase our services as pilots and boatmen at the Port of Antwerp. This all in combination with a professional and close cooperation.’

Jeroen de Wachter Engineer @ Brabo

‘We have been using these indestructible workboats of Tideman Boats since a few years now and they really last. Even when our crew is working under harsh conditions they have proven to be a valuable asset.’

Wiebbe Bonsink Hebo Maritime Services

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