At Tideman Boats, we specialize in producing durable, sustainable high-speed workboats made from the indestructible plastic HDPE. The exceptional impact resistance of the Tideman range makes these craft ideal for shallow water, rocky coasts or rivers.

Our HDPE boats can be customised with a flexible layout and are designed with safety in mind. Stable in operation at high speed, there are also built-in failsafe devices for extra crew and passenger protection.

This type of vessel offers advantages over RIBs (rigid hull inflatables), with no vulnerable air-filled tubes and around 50 per cent more free deck space. Additionally, the structure is positively buoyant, making these hulls virtually unsinkable.


If you rely on rigid, indestructible boats for applications including dredging, diving or offshore work, a Tideman small workboat is ideal. These compact and highly functional small work boats for sale are popular with military, security and survey users.

Here, their versatility and strength comes into its own in adverse situations and rough sea conditions. These characteristics also make them particularly suitable for marine rescue services, combining high power with ample freeboard, especially in the case of larger models.

Other applications include and fish farm usage where they are stable, easy to maintain and offer good manoeuvrability.


Some features & advantages of Tideman work boats for sale:

  • Superb buoyancy. HDPE has a density ranging from 0.93 to 0.97kg/cm3, lighter than fresh water and much lighter than seawater.
  • Zero corrosion, zero maintenance. Oxygen, salt and water have no damaging effect on HDPE. Paint is obsolete and there is no time-consuming need to rinse after use.
  • Marine growth does not stick to HDPE hulls, so the underside remains clean and the boat keeps its speed – without toxic anti-fouling paints.
  • Resistant to fuel spillages, chemicals and UV exposure. Black HDPE contains carbon, preventing the boat from becoming brittle with harsh sun exposure – even in tropical conditions.
  • HDPE is viscous and elastic, preventing cracks and ideal for working inshore and in shallow waters.
  • Environmentally friendly production – five times lower carbon dioxide emissions produced by manufacturing HDPE than with aluminium.
  • Impressive durability – the boats last for decades.

More information

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