Made in Holland

Tideman Boats is a boat building company based in The Netherlands. Our head office is located in Amsterdam, our factory in Opmeer and workshop in Middenmeer. In total we work together with 25 skilled craftsmen.

Please visit us in Amsterdam for a test ride, or a tour around the factory.

That’s how we work: 1 model, 3 sizes

We produce only one model. Why? Because that’s de model we believe in. It’s strong in its simplicity.

You choose the size: 6, 7 or 8 meters in length.
You choose the propulsion: outboard, inboard, diesel, sterndrive or waterjet, single or twin.
And you choose the options you need, like fenders, console, T-top.

That’s how we work.

In quality we trust

If you ask us how to define QUALITY, we would use a combination of words. SAFETY first, period. And smart DESIGN. And CLEVERNESS. And the BEST materials. Quality for us is in the DETAILS. And quality is in ATTENTION. For the boats, for our team, for you.

On request we can build the boats to class X Hull only, light ship / fast crew boat by Bureau Veritas.

Bring down your carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of HDPE is 5 times lower then traditional boat building materials like aluminium and GRP.

Sustainability to the max

HDPE is an indestructible material. That means the product life cycle is much longer than any other material, like aluminium and GRP. Plus: the HDPE hull is completely recyclable. We call that sustainability to the max.

Tideman, since 1854

The magic is in the family. Boats have always played a major role in the history of the Tideman’s. It began with ancestor Bruno Joannes Tideman (1834 – 1883). Founder of modern ship building in The Netherlands. Well known in his time, he received a Royal decoration for his innovative ideas. After this Bruno Tideman many Bruno’s would follow in ship building industry, till today.

Tideman is back!

History repeats itself. In this day and age with Tideman Boats, founded by Bruno Tideman, who’s in the boat industry since 2006. Bruno dreams boats, he lives boats. Always designing and creating. Till he had found and built the perfect fast workboat for rough environments. The Tideman RBB, Rigid Buoyancy Boat.
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