Bruno Tideman, founder Tideman Boats


Tideman HDPE workboats: built to last

Our unsinkable boats are set to revolutionise the day-to-day operations of maritime professions everywhere. The Tideman RBB (Rigid Buoyancy Boat) is a seriously tough workboat requiring zero maintenance. If only the Titanic was a Tideman. read more about our indestructible workboats >>

New: Cabin Pilot Boat.

Together with our customer ‘Brabo Antwerp; pilots and boatmen’ we have developed a cabin version of our proven RBB 800 WJ hull. We’ll launch this new evolution version as the HDPE RBB 800 WJ Cabin Pilot Boat. Equipped with a closed cabin for 4-6 persons, this  boat can be operated all year around in arctic and tropical conditions. The crew is sitting on high quality suspension seats. The cabin is comfortably provided with heating or air-conditioning. The main usage is as crew tender, pilot boat, survey boat or stand by patrol vessel.

Depending on personal preference, local circumstances and conditions, there are two possible propulsions available:  This boat is available with diesel water jet and sterndrive or twin outboard engines. Cruise speed of 30 knots and typically for coastal, riverine and estuary waters. With 4 lifting slings the boat can be easily hoisted on deck of the mother vessel. Bureau Veritas design approval is available upon request.Transport and storage is easy as this boat is trailer able and still fits inside a 40’ HC.

Read more about possible configurations >>

‘Small but powerfull’:
RBB 550 OB

This little workhorse, the RBB 550 OB,  is now available with 50hp diesel outboard, 70hp petrol outboard or 20hp electric outboard. It is the smallest high speed vessel in our range and can be used as dinghy and support boat. We always have stock available waiting for your order!

Serious test Tideman Boats!

Our indestructible boats drew the attention of the Dutch army. This interest resulted in a serious heavy test program.  So last autumn our boats have been tested by our friends of the Royal Dutch Marine Corps. The test results are available upon request. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We think we can be proud of the results and we like to inform you, without any obligations.

Brabo Pilots & Boatmen, Antwerp

Pilotboat #63 was delivered this week and one more to go!
This RBB 800 WJ Cabin is a real good tool for them to use in the port for all their duties. We have supplied them with 5 identical vessels so far.

Trade shows 2017

we will show you the latest developments at several tradeshows:

13-15 June 2017, Southampton

7-10 November 2017, Rotterdam

We look forward seeing you!