A Tideman Workboat is made from plastic that is indestructible. This High-Density Polyethylene (hdpe boats) cannot sink and if it is involved in a collision with other boats or rocks, will not suffer any damage. The terrific feature about a Tideman Workboat is that it does not require any maintenance and using it has a minimum effect on the environment.

The advantages of using an indestructible boat are enormous and this linked to such a small carbon footprint means that it is perfect for many types of jobs at sea.

These hdpe work boats are suitable for all kinds of activities

The use of indestructible boats is particularly useful for activities that need a rigid platform to work off, in all types of weather. This would particularly suit:

  • Dredging work
  • Offshore diving for work and pleasure
  • Military usage
  • Surveillance work
  • Security work that requires small, fast boats that can operate in a variety of conditions
  • Fish farming
  • The rescue services
  • Miscellaneous work in severe weather conditions
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The features of the Tideman indestructible boat

This type of hdpe boat has a variety of unique feature which includes:

  • Indestructibility
  • The ability to operate in shallow water
  • 100 per cent impact resistant
  • Is very buoyant because it is lighter than water
  • The absence of tubes means that there is more deck space
  • Can be operated safely at high speeds
  • Has a very flexible layout and is very easy to use

Other features that are worth noting about the Tideman Workboat is that marine growth will not adhere to the hull, and it is resistant to ‘aggressive liquids.”

The durability of a Tideman Workboat

A Tideman Workboat is available in black HDPE and is UV resistant. Mixed with carbon, the black HDPE does not become brittle which is important if the boat is working in hot, sunny conditions. The structure of these boats is built using plate welding which gives increased flexibility, to create the perfect shape of vessel that is unique to your needs. This will include installing additional items such as storage compartments and seating.

Even though these boats will very rarely need any kind of repair work, the work can be carried out simply by any reputable plastic manufacturer. If there isn’t one available, then it is also possible to fix it by yourself.

More information

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