Tideman RBB 700

Price: € 61.000 ex. VAT
Bareboat charter: € 300,-/ day

7.10 meters LOA
2.35 meters BOA
115 HP Power
1800 kg Weight

Tideman RBB 700

Delivery time: 2-3 weeks

€ 61.000 ex. VAT

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Information about the RBB 700

The RBB 700 is our smallest and most versatile platform. Our customers use this 7 metre workboat for dive support, surveying, patrolling and crew tendering. This stock workboat features a Yamaha outboard engine which provides 115hp. The unsinkable HDPE hull has a flexible layout to accommodate all your requirements: dive door, push bow, towing bit etc. The boat can be equipped with all modern navigation and communication equipment. 


"HDPE Workboats Are Built To Last"
Bruno Tideman