The magic is in the family. Boats have always played a major role in the history of the Tideman’s. It began with ancestor Bruno Joannes Tideman (1834 – 1883). Founder of modern ship building in The Netherlands. Well known in his time, he received a Royal decoration for his innovative ideas. It’s 2015 now AND TIDEMAN IS BACK. Again a Bruno, again in maritime business, again innovative.

Tideman is back!

History repeats itself. In this day and age with Tideman Boats, founded by Bruno Tideman, who’s in the boat industry since 2006.

Bruno dreams boats, he lives boats. Always designing and creating. Till he had found and built the perfect high speed workboat for rough environments. The Tideman RBB, Rigid Buoyancy Boat.

The indestructible high speed workboat
Bruno couldn’t rest before finding the solution to a major problem in the workboat industry, that is: Boats and water – all good. But boats and rocks… no good.
Bruno’s question: where is the high speed workboat that is untouchable in rough environments?

Bruno wanted a boat that isn’t scared of shallow waters, rocky shores or concrete ramparts. He wanted a boat that stands strong in any condition, from tropical heats to arctic freeze.

The answer: HDPE – High Density PolyEthyrene. The new plastic that is lighter then water. That is unsinkable. That can stand sunburning heat and piercing cold. That knows how to absorb a shock, to recover and to return to its original shape. That is absolutely impact resistant. NOTHING EFFECTS HDPE.

That’s how he came up with his RBB. Perfect RIB-like shape for a workboat, made from the indestructible material HDPE. A BOAT BUILT TO LAST.